Mandate of Darfur Regional Authority Extended

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) - President Omer al-Bashir, on Sunday issued a Republican Decree extending by one year the mandate of Darfur Regional Authority, starting from the 15th of coming July.

The Director of Darfur Liaison Office, Dr. Amin Hassan Omer, said in press statement in Khartoum on Sunday that the Republican Decree was issued following consultations with the signatories of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur to allow completion of projects and programmes set in accordance with the DDPD.

The DDPD was signed in 2011 between the government of the Sudan and Darfur rebel movements to effect development in the restive region, with the assistance of the government of Qatar and the international community. However most of the money comes from Doha, Qatar. It was intended to last for five years. July 14th will be the expiry date, thus the need to renew it.

But as the rebel movements have been converted into political parties, the two sides had to seek a way to renew the document. According to Amin his office led a wide range of consultation with the parties to the agreement and with the AU and the UN as well as the government of Qatar and they come to the conclusion that a presidential decree be issued on the renewal of the agreement.

Amin said the government has to sign separate protocols with the signatories of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur. These are the National Liberation and Justice, the Liberation and Justice Party and the two factions of the Justice and Equality Movement, on their participation in the executive and supervisory organs.

He indicated that the parties sponsoring peace in Darfur and the international committee for following up implementation of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur will be informed on the content of this decree.

Dr Amin has meanwhile made it clear no negotiation on Darfur will be carried out in any other area but Doha, Qatar.

He said that the position of the Government is that the negotiation should not be moved out of Doha. He said his participation in the Addis Ababa talks last year was because they were supposed to discuss a cease fire to be followed by a cessation of hostility but was never meant to reopen the Doha agreement.

On the expansion of the mandate of the UN African Union Peace keeping mission in Darfur for yet another year, Amin said no one expected the forces to be pulled out of Darfur within one year, affirming there was agreement among the three parties- the UN, the AU and the government of the Sudan- on the gradual withdrawal from the safe areas.

He said attempts by the US and Britain at the UNSC to control the situation and to have their will implemented would not go through the UN Security Council, hinting his country has the backing of some permanent members who could help frustrate such attempts by the USA and Britain.


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