President Museveni of Uganda Concludes Visit to Sudan

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) -President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda concluded Wednesday a two-day official visit to Sudan where he held talks with President Omar al-Bashir and senior government officials.
The talks focused on how the two countries should coordinate efforts in handling regional and international issues as well as finding remedies for the pending questions between Khartoum and Kampala with the view to lead their relations to full normalization.
Khartoum and Kampala had for a number of years, entertained strained relations, trading accusations over harboring rebel movements, besides their differences over other political stances.
But early this year Khartoum announced normalization of ties with Kampala following a short visit by Sudanese Vice President Hassabo Ahmed Abdul Rahman to Uganda during which he concluded a deal with the government there on halting activities of Sudanese rebel movements, who until then moved around freely.
The two sides assigned the joint security committee, which met in Kampala six months ago, to handle all pending security questions. The two sides also agreed to speed up promotion of bilateral relations.
Museveni, in a joint press conference the two presidents held at Khartoum airport before his departure, said he was very pleased to visit the country at the invitation of his Sudanese counterpart Bashir. He explained that their talks had dwelt on the situations in South Sudan, ways to implement the recently signed peace agreement between the two warring parties in south Sudan as well as the situations in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen and efforts exerted for settling problems there.
President Museveni had earlier in the day paid field visits to the Military College at Wadi Sayyidna, north Omdurman, Safat Industrial City and Africa International University. During his visit to the university he stressed the need for economic integration among the African countries if they were to realize development and stability for their peoples.
He argued that this way Uganda could purchase Sudanese products while Kampala could buy what Sudan produces. He lauded the University for hosting thousands of the African students and teaching of the African languages a matter that would help in disseminating knowledge of the continent’s capabilities and cultures.
The university has meanwhile reciprocated by making available 30 scholarships for Ugandan students in various fields.
President Museveni has also delivered a lecture, at the invitation of the Sudanese Center for Strategic Studies, on peace building and economic development in the Horn of Africa and the Great lakes region.
President Museveni said for the region and Africa in general to develop and prosper, ten ‘bottle necks” have to be overcome.
He said the most pressing element that has been impeding the continent progress is the prevalence of ethnic, tribal, religious and ideological nepotism.
He said economic welfare should be the yardstick in any such relations as if people compare ethnic nepotism to economic welfare, people would chose the latter as it reflect positively on their lives, whereas, as the case with Uganda over 800 thousand people were killed by Ugandans because of such nepotism.
He said Africa needs education, industrialization, focus on agriculture, infrastructure and prevalence of democracy and peace away from any nepotism that would lead nowhere in economic prosperity. He said Africa should focus more and more attention on its human resources, which is more valued that any other resources, citing the case of such countries as Japan and the Netherlands.


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