Elie Match Group Enhances Gum Arabic Production in Sudan

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) – The Kuwait-based Elie Match Company on Sunday paid 850.000 Sudanese pounds to Gum Arabic Producers Cooperative Societies in North Kordufan State in implementation of an
agreement it had signed with the University of Kordufan and the National Forests Corporation.

The agreement came within a series of national efforts to revive this important economic sector as the country is the world's biggest producer of gum Arabic.
The Company, which will be responsible for marketing the product of the cooperative societies, has also pledged to purchase the produce of these at competitive prices, almost the same as world market prices. Another sum will be paid to the producers within the coming days.
Vice-Chancellor of Kordufan University, Prof. Ahmed Abdalla Farah Addoor hailed Elie Match company for turning the cooperation agreement into real action. He said the university is working as a consultant and overseer for the agreement as Gum Arabic production is one of its important concerns due to its role in environment preservation and economic value.
Farah Addoor indicated that the African Universities Association
conference, held last week at Cape Town in South Africa, pinpointed to the relation between the universities, community, private sector and decision-makers. He renewed his university's resolve to work for the development of the community.
Dean of the university's Institute for Gum Arabic Researches and Desertification Studies, Dr. Zainab Mohaned Hamad, called the members of the Gum Producers Societies to invest the sum in the stage of preparing the trees (acacia seyal and acacia Senegal) for producing the gum.
Representative of the producers’ societies Hamdan Kubashi thanked the
company, and called for changing the name of Gum Arabic to Kordofan Gum as the region is its main producer in the Sudan.




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