President al- Bashir Tours Darfur’s Five States – Round up (1)

By: Aisha Braima

ZALENGI, Central Darfur (SUDANOW) - Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir arrived in Zalengi on Sunday on the third leg of a five-day tour of Darfur’s five states.

He was received at the airport by the governor of Central Darfur State, Shertai Jaafar Abdul Hakam, senior officials and popular leaders. He will address mass rally and inaugurate some development and services projects.

The President said in a mass rally that the government has resorted to the military operations after the outlaw Abdul Wahid has rejected peace.

Al-Bashir inaugurated in Zalenge, the capital of Central Darfur State, a number of development and services projects including the Zakat Chamber, internal roads, the solar energy project and the Health Security Centre pledging that Nyala - Kas - Zalengei road will be inaugurated in less than six months to contribute to the trade and people's movement between South and Central Darfur States.
He has also attended a mass wedding.

President al-Bashir arrived in al-Fashir, the capital of North Darfur State, on Friday on the first leg of his five-day tour of Darfur’s five states.

He was received at the airport by the governor of north Darfur state, Abdul Wahid Yusuf and a number of senior political, popular, religious, executive and tribal leaders.

The official Spokesman for the Justice and Liberation Party, Sharaf Eddin Mahmoud, has underlined that the reception accorded to the President during his visit to Al Fashir, was unique and was in fact a respond to the achievements realized in the region of Darfur. It also was a strong message to those carrying arms and to the international community that the people of Darfur are supportive of the president of the republic against all outside allegations and accusations, he added.

The tribal chiefs and native administrative leaders in North Darfur presented a pledge to the president of the republic, vowing to distance themselves from regionalism and violence and to work together for the maintenance of peace and security in their region.

Al-Bashir in West Darfur, governor (far left)
Al-Bashir in West Darfur, governor (far left)

Addressing the meeting of popular leaders and dignitaries, the President said that the State would go ahead with execution of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur , saying "there will be no new Naivasha or other Doha.

He added that the program of the Government for the coming stage will focus on imposing the State sovereignty and collecting unlicensed arms from citizens, instructing Ministry of Finance to provide additional funds for the process of arms collection.

The President said the coming period will witness establishment of a bank for Darfur development.

The head of the Darfur Peace Office Dr. Amin Hassan Omar said, addressing same meeting, development of road infrastructure in the region exceeds three billion Sudanese pounds.

He underlined that foreign assistance to roads in the region has reached 1.227 billion dollars, pointing out to the prominence of the role played by the state of Qatar in the establishment of basic services to the people and in the villages for internally displaced people wanting to return to their home areas.

Al-Bashir said, while addressing a popular gathering in Maidan Al Jaish (The Army Square) in Al Fashir town, the Armed Forces and other regular forces defeated the rebel in Darfur making them wonder aimlessly.

The president added that the rebels from Darfur are now fighting in Libya as mercenaries looking for dollars, some of them, he added, are now in south Sudan waiting for those who would pay them money.

North Darfur's governor
North Darfur's governor

Shartai Abdul hakam
Shartai Abdul hakam








He added that the Israelis were training the rebels for two years on the understanding that they would enter Nyala and declare it the capital of the so-called new Sudan but they were defeated by the army which was monitoring their movements closely, and was able to annihilate them totally in Goz Dango area.

The President has vowed that Darfur would soon be declared free of any rebellion.

He instructed the governors of Darfur states to work for providing good living and production means and production means for the Internal Displaced Persons.

Al-Beshir has stated that the people of Darfur are free to decide on whether to retain the current five states or return to the one-region system for Darfur in the administrative referendum set for mid-April.

He said his government would be committed to the Darfurians’ decision without imposing any option on the people there.

President al-Bashir arrived Saturday in the town of Genaina, capital of West Darfur state, in the second leg of his five state tour that started with Al Fashir capital of North Darfur region.

He was received at the airport by the governor of the State, Khalil Abdulla, popular and executive leaders and community personalities.

The State governor said the visit of the president for the region underlines the prevalence of security and stability in the region.

 Dr Amin
Dr Amin

Addressing the leaders of the political forces in West Darfur State at the Meeting Hall of Genaina University, President Al-Bashir announced formation of a higher national committee to collect arms from the hands of individuals and to leave the maintenance of security to the regular forces and to make its possession confined to the Armed Forces and the other regular forces.

President Bashir, in his address before a mass rally in Genaina town, has underlined the strong link between security and development in a region like Darfur which he is currently touring.

He stressed that security and development are two faces for the same coin and that without security one should not expect development to progress

He commended the role of the joint Sudanese Chadian forces in maintaining security on the joint border areas.

President al-Bashir inaugurated, in Genaina city, the premises of the Ministry of Education, the headquarters of the Police Forces in the state, buildings of Genaina University and Ardamata, Al-Naseem and Salam bridges.

He affirmed that each Darfur child should join the school, commending the inauguration of the University of Genaina.

The President on Saturday received document of pledge of allegiance from the native administration and civil society leaderships in West Darfur state, in which they expressed their full support to the peace and development process in their state and to working for discarding conflict and violence.

President al-Bashir is accompanied in his visit to Darfur by the chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority, Tigani Sisi, the Minister at the Council of Ministers Ahamed Saad Omar, the Minister at the Presidency Fadul Abdullah beside the Ministers of Information, Transport and Bridges, the Minister for Federal Government and the Minister for Health as well as the Chairman of the Darfur Peace Office.





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