Darfur Administrative Referendum Kicks off

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) - Over 3 million voters headed on Monday to polling centers in west Sudan's Darfur region to decide on whether to retain the current five states or return to the former one-region system for Darfur.

Chairman of the National Commission for the Administrative Referendum in Darfur, Omer Ali Jamma, affirmed in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the voting has started in all of the five states at 8:30 am without any security problems.

The referendum is being conducted in implementation of a provision in the July 2011 Doha Document on Peace in Darfur (DDPD) which provides that a plebiscite must be held in five years following the signing of the document in the Qatari capital by the Sudanese government and the former rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM).

The LJM has in 2014 split into two political parties, one led by the President of the Darfur Regional Authority Tigani Sisi and the other by Federal Health Minister Idriss Baher Abu Garda. Sisi announced support to the one region system while Abu Garda is for the states system.

The referendum will be monitored by 93 Sudanese civil society organizations and a number of international organizations, including the Arab League and the African Union, according to Jamma.

The results of the 3-day referendum poll is expected to appear after ten days according to him.





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