Statement By President Al-Bashir Before The Final Session Of The General Assembly Of The Societal Dialogue

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) - The President of the Republic Omar al-Bashir on Monday delivered a speech before the Final Session of the Societal Dialogue, held at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. Following is an unofficial rendering from Arabic into English of the statement:-

In the name of Allah the Graceful, the Dispenser of Grace
Allah the almighty has said in His Holy book: "Those who hearken to their lord and establish regular prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, who spend out of what we bestow on them for sustenance."(Shura, verse 38),

Praise be to Allah who measured things and gave guidance, and peace and blessing be upon His Messenger, the chosen Prophet, and upon his family, his companions and upon all those who preached his way and followed his method, to the Doomsday

Brother and sisters, members of the societal dialogue, representatives of the society, its organizations and societies and sectors and its effective forces, August attendance,
I greet you with the Islamic greetings and say peace and blessing of Allah the Almighty be upon you
Allow me, on the outset, to welcome you all in this blessed day that witnesses the conclusion of the works of the various committees of the societal dialogue, the conclusion of all activities of the societal dialogue within project of the Wathba (the leap) which we initiated in January, two years ago.

The Societal Dialogue is one of the processes of this aspiring national project seeking a brighter morrow for our people and for our nation. In that project we have underlined out resolve to reform the public life through the integration of the societal and political efforts. Thus with this leap project we opened three processes for a collective national action.

First: political reform in which participated all political parties, movements and organizations with the view to reform the political environment for a partisan life that would pave the ground for our political parties to exercise their responsibility for the resurgence of our country. This is via our commitment to political accord that would hold high the enlightened national loyalty above narrow political interests.

And praise be to Allah these serious efforts that we exerted have resulted in holding the National Dialogue Conference in which political participation, not witnessed since the independence, occurred. And today we are standing only a few steps from the convening the General Congress of the National Dialogue which will approve its recommendations in the coming few days, which we are looking for and are expecting them to be approved unanimously by all political forces participating in the process, Allah willing.

As for the second process of the second leap project we have brought together people of experience, specialists and well-versed people with the aim of reforming the state apparatus, via a scientific approach that would rehabilitate the various state organs, enabling them to respond to the requirements and needs for building their own force for our country in all domains. And praise be to Allah who blessed us with implementation of the programme for the reform of the state apparatus in the way we had planned and this programme will complete its inaugural phase by December the coming, Allah willing, considering the fact that reform is a process that require responding to emerging challenges and other recurrent developments.

The societal dialogue comes as the third process in the implementation of the leap project.

In April two years ago, we issued a presidential decree No 368 for the year 2014, in which we set the societal dialogue objectives forming the reference for this dialogue.

The decree set six societal dialogue committees that started their work through deliberations and discussions involving all components and sectors of our society with the aim of coming up with sound recommendations that remedy all the questions relative to the society and the state.
These covered the following questions: Peace, National Accord, Administration and Good Governance, Production and Livelihood, Identity and Citizenship, Political and Social Freedoms, as well as the Issues of Culture, Arts, Education, Sports and Foreign Relations. And we think the differences over those issues and the divergence of view have been holding the society by the neck since our country gained its independence up to our present day history.

Brothers and Sisters
August attendance

Our objectives from convening such a societal dialogue with the participation of all the effective forces in the society, has been to identify the views of the various components of the social structure with the view to boost the ability to accept the medium solution for issues of wider divergence in view over our multiple question and those questions to which a blind eye was turned for such a long time.

The hope thus is to reach, through such a genuine participation that involved all the community, a joint national vision and an accord on all the objectives and aim and priorities of the society and the state in all fields. This shall boost the peaceful coexistence and reinforce the national unity, strengthen cooperation among the various elements of the nation, under the umbrella of a native peace and social cohesion, after which there would be no place for division, split or warring.

Brothers and sisters
Members of the societal dialogue

I have been following with close attention the activities of the various committees while carrying out their work in the various issues as specified to them for over a year and a half, with the participation that expanded to cover all sectors of the society at the various levels, leadership and grass roots: looking at general questions the differences over which have inhibited the progress of our country and reigned it from filling the place it deserves regionally and internationally.

We have also followed the movements of the delegations, visiting the states which supported the societal dialogue with a state and regional dialogue that completed the efforts at the grassroots levels. This was followed by tours abroad to meets Sudanese expatriates. The societal committees were formed in a way to involve all the Sudanese no matter what their political stands and partisan affiliation in a number of countries around the world. These tours abroad have added a dimension to popular dialogue that took placed at home.

This was a unique experience that was never witnessed in our modern history in the state structure and in building the state and setting the basis for the society of justice and development.

This is also a unique Sudanese experience that deserve to be praised and appreciated by all of us. From within these committees it became evident to all of us that the keenness of these committees and their delegations to the states and to the Sudanese expatriates, to reflect the leading role of the civil society in proposing solutions for social, economic and political problems and for developing the values of consultation and democracy inside the society.

These efforts have succeeded in the inclusion of all sectors of the society in the dialogue leaving nobody out: workers, farmers, pastoralists, youth, students, women, sophist sects, national figures, the creative peoples, sports peoples, arts and media peoples, university professors, researchers, the teachers, civil society organizations, sectorial organizations, preachers and religious people.

All deliberated in a spirit of honesty, and with an aspiring desire for accord on issues which were seen by some people as the source of differences and divergence.

Brothers and sisters
Members of the societal dialogue

Celebrating the outcome of the societal dialogue, the wider participation it achieved, the conclusions it reached in this all inclusive document and its comprehensive, objectives and transparent recommendations, is commendable matter as this dialogue has set a historic opportunity and a democratic exercise for strengthening the society partnership with the state and for empowering the society to lead the state.

The outcome of this dialogue, which is a societal dialogue document, is the outcome of a free discussion that went in all transparency, high credibility and a genuine desire to find concordance solution involving all components of the society, and in accordance with the experience and specialization and ability and qualification of each of the popular sectors that took part in the process.

And we are almost sure that the process met all the requirements that we have been looking for and sought all the participation that we expected so that it came out with thee highly scientific and objectives remedies.

The document that we have received today has demonstrated the success of the leap project. Its recommendation would integrate with those recommendations of other process of the leap.

This makes it a welcome document that would be supported by our commitment and pledge before you that we would follow close the implementation of your recommendations within the context of the upcoming national document which is in turn is the outcome of the recommendation of the national dialogue, including its political and societal parts, as well as the outcome of the state reforms programme.

The national document shall constitute the basic national pillar upon which we will erect the future of the country thought the drafting of a permanent constitution and achieve political stability and full-fledged renaissance.

Brothers and sisters
August attendance
Our country shall witness in the coming few days the final session of the National Dialogue General Congress that will look into the recommendations submitted by the political and society dialogue together forming the national historic document.

From this forum we appeal to all members of the society, and all sectors to encourage the spirit of national unity and peaceful coexistence, and to work seriously for spreading the culture of dialogue and national accord.

We equally call on all political forces and armed movements that have not participated in the national dialogue to listen to the voice of wisdom and join the national dialogue process and abandon the war and conflict that have pulled back out country from joining the march of development d prosperity. Sudan today stand on the verge of a new era characterized by concord, love peace and national accord.

And in conclusion
We renews out thanks and appreciation and deep gratitude for the efforts you have exerted and the ability that will place our country, Allah willing, at the forefront of the right pass and would rectify its march toward the wider horizons of development. We will give this societal dialogue document the due attention it deserves.

Last but but not least

Praise be to Allah the Master of the two worlds

And peace and blessing of Allah be upon you


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