Sudan: Blind Persons Could No Longer Be Cheated Thanks To Sudan Standards And Metrology Organization (SSMO)

Sudan: Blind Persons Could No Longer Be Cheated  Thanks To Sudan Standards And Metrology Organization (SSMO)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) -  Sudan has become the first Arab country to produce a book enabling blind persons to avoid services fraud and cheating in commodities and goods.


The first such a book in the Arab World is based on braille alphabetical writing system enabling blind and persons with impaired sight to follow up every development in the areas of calibration, standardization and meteorology.


LT Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, Sudan’s First Vice President and National Prime Minister, inaugurated the book during the Forum on Arab Consumer Protection, 16-17 October 2017, which was organized by the Sudanese Standards and meteorology organization SSMO along with the Arab League and widely attended by local, regional and international quality, date, expiry and other standards of any commodity or services, in line with the principles drawn by the SSMO.

The event was attended by the Minister of the Council of Minister, Emir Ahmed Saad Omar, and by the Assistant of the Arab league Secretary General Dr Kamal Hassan Ali, as well as leaders from regional and international organizations, including the Turkish Islamic Institute for Consumer Protection, and the International Organization for Consumer Protection, the Consumers International.


The book titled, “Hope and Light” enables blind persons to educate themselves by themselves about the standards and other criteria of commodities produced and how a blind person is to protect himself/herself.


The Director General of the Sudanese Standards and Meteorology Organization, Dr Awad Mohamed Ahmed Sakrab, said this publication is mainly concerned with enabling this sector of the community, through guidelines and awareness raising messages, how to know their rights and protect themselves at the same time against fraud and cheating. He said this was part of the organization’s social responsibility.


In his statement before the opening session of the Forum, Dr Sakrab said the two day forum focused on four axes including standardization in the Arab world, the situation of the Arab consumer and horizon of development of Arab consumer protection, the rule of standardization in the protection of Arab consumer and enlightenment, education on standardization and consumer protection.

Honouring the family of late Dr. Abdul Gadir, the man who founded the SSMO

With huge participation from Arab countries including, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Turkey, UK, warmly welcoming the neatly bright colored booklet. The 36-page booklet is light in weight and, interestingly, with attractive colors for other to spot and to collect for the blind.


Justin Macmullan, Director of Advocacy, Consumers International, who along with the Arab Organization for the Industrial Development and Mining attended the event, described as "interesting indeed" the booklet.


The First Vice President comment was "Mabrook-Arabic for Congratulation".


The forum also issued a final communiqué and recommendations following diverse interventions and comments and interaction between the podium and the presenters of the scientific papers.


The recommendations that call, among other things, for the involvement of all stakeholders in the preparations of standardization to make sure that the outcome would be pleasing and meet the requirement of both, the consumers, the state and the producers of the commodity or the services.


They also recommended that standardization and consumers protection principles and guidelines be included in the syllabus at the various educational levels.


A very interesting recommendation which was adopted by the participants is that the 18th of May each year be named the Arab consumer protection day to be observed in all Arab countries.


They also recommended that an Arab monitoring body be established on protection of consumer, under the auspices of the Arab League. This body would facilitate the exchange of expertise, experiences, laws, regulations and standards and thus facilitate cross border trade and commodities transfer and transportation.


It is to be noted that the event was organized under the auspices of the Arab league, the SSMO, And the Arab organization for Industrial development and Mining.




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