Winds of Good Days Blow from IFK Direction

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) - An American company (Valmont) for central pivot irrigation systems displayed the latest American made device known as icon at International Fair of Khartoum (IFK) session 34th that launched in the period from 23rd to 30th of January 2017 at Burri neighborhood southward of Khartoum.

The device was manufactured just two months ago, specialized in controlling the speed, and detection of non-functioning machines of pivot irrigation systems through using digital screens. Valley United for Pivot Irrigation that operates as representative for Valmont in Sudan told Sudanow that Valmont has participated for the first time in IFK after recent lifting of American sanction. The company is an international pioneer in manufacturing central pivot irrigation systems.

“The company has entered the business since 1954. And Sudan starts importing the company’s products as from 1994,” chairman of Valley united in Sudan Mukhlis Hamid AL Rayeh said. However he said the importation of the machines was halted after the imposition of the American sanctions on Sudan in 1997. When the Americans lifted sanctions partially from agricultural equipment in 2009 the company resumes importation again but that it requires obtaining permission from authorities concerned in the United States, Al Rayeh explains. The Sudanese markets have imported more than 100 American made central pivot irrigation systems, as the company’s records have shown “Many Sudanese agricultural projects are using the company’s products which proven high standard level of efficiency comparable to similar irrigation systems produced by other companies. Now I am happy the company is free to conduct business with Sudan without need for obtaining a permission and it could also able to supply high sophisticated American made agricultural technology such as icon device after lifting American sanction on 13th January 2017,” Al Raheh noted.

Valley regional representative
Valley regional representative

Valley representative in Sudan
Valley representative in Sudan

Icon device is most advanced American made technology designed to control irrigation systems and that it could be connected to satellite through GPS, Val regional manager Mamoun Al Ghalei who visited Sudan officially to attend IFK, has explained. Although Al Ghali is also delighted for lifting sanctions from Sudan like his peer Al Rayeh, he has made some reservations that flourishing business with Sudan requires some more time after the fully implementation of sanctions lifting on the ground in six months’ time.

The German ambassador to Khartoum Urich Klochner whose country participated in IFK has not hidden his delighted feeling as regard of lifting American sanctions from Sudan. He hurried up next day following the opening of exhibition and held a press conference at IFK ground where he congratulated Sudanese people for lifting of sanctions. He confirms that Germany and Sudan are together at good and bad time. He told reporters that he arrived only three months ago in Sudan and was impressed of the standard of cooperation between Germany and Sudan.

There were 12 German companies displaying products at their pavilion including Siemens the largest German holding company. The ambassador said Siemens was participating in IFK for the first time. And that, he said, shows good indication that things are moving towards good time. He said Siemens could supply turbines and hospital equipment to Sudan.

In spite of the fact that no many European countries have been participating Germany was not alone at IFK ground. Italy was there, commented an observer. An Italian company named Pentax displays its product at Italy pavilion. Pentax produces water pumping equipment and it works in the field since 20 years ago according to a pamphlet prepared by New Civilization for trading service that operates as an exclusive agent for Pentax. The company production developed along several assembly, finishing and test lines. From a day output of 600 machines per day concentrated on two models of motor driven pumps in 1990, the current output has now reached over 4000 machines and 150 different models. Production flexibility (the ability to adapt to change in demand both in terms of quality and quantity) has been a distinguishing trait of the company.

German ambassador in Sudan
German ambassador in Sudan

Asked about why European companies participation was so low, IFK affirms that most of them fear the American sanctions bearing in mind that the lifting of sanctions were made so close to the date scheduled for IFK opening session. IFK becomes socioeconomic and political annual event and it attracts local participation and hundreds companies from around the world, Sudanese Free Zones and Markets (SFZ) company (the organizer of IFK) general manager Yousif Mohamed Karar has said. The total official participation during this session amounted to 19 countries across the world besides local involvement of eleven states nationwide, Karar noted. SFZ general manager argues that traditionally once the session is over SFZ starts preparation for the next year session in collaboration with ministry of foreign affairs. The invitations are extended to states and foreign companies through the Sudanese embassies around the world. Karar said an additional emery is required for the next session to maintain highest foreign and local participation benefiting from lifting of American sanctions that he said had been hampering the participation of many international companies particularly the European and the American themselves. In terms of improving basic infrastructure and facilities at IFK ground 10,000 square meters were added in open areas besides allocation of 1500 square meters for local states to display their products allowing innovators show their activity.

SFZ General Manager
SFZ General Manager

“We are expecting more exhibition services this year (2917) based on understandings reached with Italian, Turkish and Korean companies for displaying their products in a specialized exhibition" head of exhibitions and conferences department at IFK Nadir Al Rashid has said. IFK establishes businessmen center to dispatch information on Sudanese economy and holds business talks with foreign companies participating in IFK. On the closure day agreements were reached between Sudanese businessmen association and Libyan commercial chamber, as AL Rashid has told Sudanow. He said the primary aim of the deal was for the promotion of Sundanese businessmen center. Likewise other agreements were also concluded with Korean commercial chamber to promote bilateral relations between the two countries. The Sudanese businessmen center has submitted 302 development projects to Germany, Austria, Libya and Kuwait, according to Al Rashid. Moreover Al Rashid concludes by saying the winds of tomorrow good days and prosperity seemed likely blow from the direction of IFK after the lifting of American sanctions.



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