Bashir: Halaib Remains a Sudanese Territory

By: Aisha Braima


KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) - President Omar Bashir has reiterated that the Halaib territory, presently under Egyptian military occupation, remains a Sudanese land, citing the first Sudanese elections held in the 1950s during the Anglo-Egyptian condominium which had covered the territory as part of the Sudan.

Halaib is a mineral rich strategic triangle in north east Sudan on the Red Sea which Egypt under former president Mubarak, in 1995 sent military forces to occupy it and refuses to accept neither negotiation nor arbitration over the issue.

Bashir was on Monday quoted by all of Khartoum newspapers as saying the government of the Sudan would resort to the UN Security Council if Cairo continues to refuse sitting down for negotiating the matter.

The Sudanese government has recently renewed with the UN Security Council standing complaint against Egypt over Halaib.

The Sudanese official media last week reported from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that during an African summit, president Bashir and his Egyptian counterpart, Abdul Fatah Sesi, agreed not to raise Halaib issue to avoid hampering the process of further developing the bilateral relations, notwithstanding that Egypt is accelerating a process of turning the territory into an Egyptian land.

President Bashir said Sudan does not host elements of the Egyptian opposition Muslim Brotherhood. He said on the contrary it was Egypt which is harboring elements of the Sudanese opposition.

However, he said his relationship with President Sesi is excellent, albeit some pending issues to be resolved, including harboring the Sudanese opposition by the Egyptian security authorities.




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