Natural Cure for Cholesterol

Natural Cure for Cholesterol

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) — This week's product is the Tabaldy (baobab) which is also known here as Gongolez and is identified in its scientific name as (adansonia digitata) which is an affiliate of the bombakia species. It is a tree with palm-like alternate leaves, 15 meters high, widely spread in West Sudan and the part used as food and medicament is its fruit, leaves and seed.

Its leaves and fruits are rich in vitamin C, sugars, potassium and calcium. The leaves are eaten fresh or cooked. The fruit is drenched in water, then scrubbed with a metal or wooden spoon or placed in an electric mixer for seconds and is then purified and is sugared and drunk as juice or curd is added to it to cure diarrhea or indigestion.

It is also sold in the form of powder to be easy for carrying about and is mixed with water as juice; and in this form it is predominantly used by Sudanese nationals working abroad and by school pupils who mix it with sugar and sold to them by women who normally wait for them out of the school. This Gongolez substance may be boiled in water with flour added to starch to be used in cases of dehydration.

The modern medicine has proved that Gongolez cures from cholesterol. Renowned journalist writer Mohamed Mohamed Khair wrote that his Canadian doctor advised him in an e-mail to have Gongolez juice instead of the drug he ordered him to have throughout his life, which was two pills, one for minimizing cholesterol in the blood and the other to confront the risk of angina. Khair said the doctor told him that the Canadian pharmaceutical board found out that the Gongolez is an anti-cholesterol substance and the doctor asked Khair to have a test two months after drinking the Gongolez juice. He said the test which he underwent showed a drop in the general average of the cholesterol in all of his veins, vessels, pores and artery. The result was so astonishing to the degree that the pharmaceutically accredited drugs could not in 20 years, Khair said.

It is widely known that the baobab trunk is used for centuries as water reservoirs during the rainy season for the dry



Although a number of medical herbs are useful, they are not substitutes to the modern medicine or medical drugs.

Specialists caution against the risk of absolute reliance on them without knowledge of their properties or the extent of their benefits and their side effects.



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