A dead man, minutes before burying him, surprised prayers in the cemetery of Al-Managil city in the Gezira State by moving his limbs, frightening them, some to the prayers took to their heels while others remained fast.

Eyewitnesses told a local newspaper the man was a member of an alien tribe and was suffering some diseases, went into full coma to a degree that his relatives believed that he had passed away and after contacts with other relatives, made arrangements for the funeral and began to receive condolences from neighbors and relatives.

The eyewitnesses added that the grave was dug; the man was wrapped in a coffin cloth and taken on a bedstead to the cemetery. The men stood in rows to do the death prayers and those in the front row noticed the dead man moving, something which made some of them running away in fright while other remained and untied the ropes of the cloth coffin and heard the man clearly ordering water.

According to the eyewitnesses, the men rushed their friend to hospital where the doctor confirmed that he was in full coma and did not die.

A similar tale was recounted by renowned gravedigger Durmah who said once in a cold winter night he was staying in the graveyard and, seeing that no funeral was in sight, he climbed down into a dug grave in search of warmth before arrival of the funeral. After a while, he heard the footsteps of the men escorting the dead person and when he got up to receive the arrivals, the men ran away in fright, leaving their dead man behind.

Durmah said he had exerted a tremendous effort to persuade to men to return and that he was not a ghost.

It is an ancient belief by many Sudanese that the dead of certain tribes return to life in a frightening form called ba'aty (meaning ghost); therefore they did not marry from them. This belief has now diminished as a result of education and increased awareness.

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