Sudan Mourns Poet Awad Ahmed Khalifa

Sudan Mourns Poet Awad Ahmed Khalifa

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Renowned Poet, Journalist and Army General Awad Ahmed Khalifa died Thursday morning aged 89. 

The late Khalifa is one of the symbols of Sudanese literature, a distinct poetic school. As a lyric writer, Khalifa had composed tens of landmark songs performed by the leading singers Osman Hussein, Abdelkareem Alkabli, Zaidan Ibrahim, Ibrahim Awad and others. For their highly romantic content, Khalifa’s lyrics are learned by heart by the public.

Critics consider Khalifa an innovator in Sudanese lyric thanks to his highly touching diction, his lucid imagery, smooth rhythm, simple style and profound meanings. 

In an obituary, Culture and Information Minister Faisal Mohammad Salih considered Khalifa’s departure a great loss. “He was a poet, a man of letters and an administrator, unmatched in many respects,” said Minister Salih. 

“Khalifa has opened for himself a special chapter in the Sudanese lyric book, gracing this book with beautiful meanings, tender expressions and genuine sentiments through which he inscribed masterpieces that continue to loom in the memory of the people of the Sudan,” added Minister Salih. 

The late Khalifa joined the Sudan Military College in November 1950 from which he graduated two years later topping his batch that also included former President Ja’afar Mohammad Nimeri.

As Army officer, General Khalifa had initiated the Army Moral Guidance Branch. He had also initiated the Army Cooperative Corporation that used to render excellent services to the Army serving and retired officers as one of the most powerful cooperatives in Africa. 

Khalifa had retired from the Army at the rank of major general.




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