Doctor Helps Soul Of Dead Twin Girl Rest In Peace!

Doctor Helps Soul Of Dead Twin Girl Rest In Peace!


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Spells and the responsibility of evil spirits for many ailments is an old belief among humans, not in the Third World alone, but also in the developed Western nations. Some believe in reincarnation, a concept that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after the biological death of that being. 

This supposed reincarnated spirit is believed to roam the Globe and then settle down in a human body causing tremendous psychological and physical pain to whom it besets. For such concepts, many spiritual healers have set to find a remedy and free the sick from these obsessions. 

Some contemporary psychotherapists have started to try methods similar to those applied by spiritual healers, starting from the beliefs of the concerned patients. 

In a story beyond imagination, a Sudanese psychotherapist working in the USA managed to fathom the secrets of a series of crimes that remained under cover for over twenty years and helped the police to bring the offender to justice. 

U.S - Resident Sudanese psychotherapist Ms. Shayma’a Alnagi, who lives and works at the hospital of a women prison in the State of Ohio, tells her story to Sudanow Magazine, a story widely covered in the media of that part of the USA: 

As part of my routine duty as a voluntary doctor with an organization that cares for orphans in the US City of Ohio, I used to routinely check at a certain orphanage. I noticed that a five year old girl was always detached, holding her to toy in hand. She used to repeatedly undress the toy and dress it all over again in a hysterical manner, while the other kids were playing and making fun. I used to sit beside her and ask her some questions. The girl used to look silently at me and then return to what she was doing. I revisited the orphanage several times, gifting the girl some sweets when I called. The little girl used to take the sweets and devour them very quickly and go back to what she was doing. 

Then I asked for her dossier and found that the girl’s parents had died in a car crash. I also found that this girl had had a twin sister who was in the car when the crash occurred, but was not hurt. And when the police came to the scene of the accident there was no trace of the twin girl. Ever since her twin sister continued to live in isolation from the orphanage kids. 

After getting this information and diagnosing the case, I concluded that the cause of the girl’s distress was the loss of her twin sister. I went to her in the orphanage and promised to find her sister by all means. The girl gave me a meaningful look. Then I returned home after a long busy day. 

When I got into my room, after greeting my family members, I found the girl sitting on my bed, looking blankly at me. Because I was used to strange things (out of my experience as a psychotherapist) and because my stay in the US had hardened me to deal with weird things and creatures, I collected myself together and entered the bathroom to have a shower and wash for the noon, evening and sunset prayers, all of which I could not perform on that busy day. After prayer I opened the Koran for my daily reading session. All of a sudden I raised my head to find that the girl was gone. I had a troubled sleep that night. 

The next morning I went to work as usual. Passing by the girl I found her doing the same thing, dressing and undressing her toy. 

Back home I went to my room to find the girl inside. I ignored her presence and she vanished. 

The girl’s visits were repeated successively. The last time I saw her in my room was when I found her sitting by my side when I woke up for dawn prayer one day. I asked her “What is up girl?” She looked at me without uttering a word. After prayer, she said: “Let’s go!”, in a faint voice. I asked her: “With the car?”. “With the car,” she replied. 

I took the car key in a hurry without even greeting my family members. She sat with me in the front seat and started to direct me: “Right, left, forward,” for fifty kilometers. All of a sudden she stopped me before a deserted home, in a deserted quarter of the city. Before I could get out of the car, I noticed that she had disappeared. I thought she had got quickly into the house, though I had not seen her get out of the car. 

I was scared and confused and decided to call two of my work mates in the organization. I gave them the address and they came very quickly. We entered the building and toured its three floors. The place was wreaking with a bad smell.

In one of the house halls we found a table on which lay a plate, a glass of water and two spoons, an indication that somebody lived at the place. 

We also noticed that the bad smell increased  as we came closer to the basement. Here I asked my colleagues to call the police who came very quickly. We all of us entered the basement to find a surprise waiting for us! Inside the place there was a lot of human skulls and skeletons, which the police collected. The police started to dig at the wall and found more corpses. I also noticed that a stronger bad smell was coming out of one wall. When the police started to dig through it, we noticed that there was a caving, I asked the police to bring the wall down. A decomposed human body then fell down. 

After the DNA was taken, it was found to be congruent to that of our girl’s twin sister. 

In a matter of three hours the offender was traced and put under arrest. He gave a full confession of all of his crimes.

He said he used to kidnap girls and children and repeatedly rape and then kill them. He said he had kidnapped two girls twenty years back who were still alive. 

The offender was convicted, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

After the ruling I went to the orphanage. At the gateway I was surprised to see the girl run towards me. She hugged me saying in clear words, a smile on her face: Thank you dear. You have revealed the truth. My twin sister is grateful for what you have done. She says she would now rest in peace after everybody had realized her suffering and after the criminal was punished. 




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