Sudanese Regains Her Eyesight On Way To Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque

Sudanese Regains Her Eyesight On Way To Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudanese Pilgrim A’amal Alfadil has regained her eyesight while on her way to the Moslem Holy Shrine of Almasjid Alnabawy (Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque) in the City of Almadina Almonawwara, Saudi Arabia.

Having performed the Haj (pilgrimage) in Mecca this Haj season, A’mal travelled by bus to visit and spend some time in prayer in the Holy Mosque that also embodies Prophet Mohammad’s grave.

As the bus drove on, Hajja A’amal, blinded for a long time, discovered that she could see the people and things around her in the bus.

She for the first time managed to recognize her companions on the bus.

Weeping with joy, Hajja A’amal said in a video footage that she had developed night blindness (nyctalopia ) since her early days at school.

Then she gradually lost her sight as she grew up until she became completely blind.

“I thank the Almighty for restoring my eyesight to me,” she said.

She said she had always prayed to the Almighty to restore her eyesight so she could be able to read the Holy Koran.

“It was Friday and at a distance of 50Km from Mecca on my way to Almadina that I realized that I could see once again,” she said bursting with happiness.

The video showed bus passengers crying with joy and chanting praise to the Almighty.

A’amal’s husband Hajj Osman Alfaki, who accompanied her to the pilgrimage, said his wife became completely blind five years back. “But she was pretty sure that a big blessing was waiting for her during the hajj ritual this year,” he said.

Hajj Osman said he was thankful to the Almighty for this miracle “ that occurred on this blessed Friday and on our way to visit Prophet Mohammad’s grave.”

Hajja A’amal was received with religious songs by the official Khartoum Hajj organizing team as she arrived at Almadina.

In 2013 a Sudanese female pilgrim also has regained her eyesight, which she had lost for more than seven years, inside the Prophet's Mosque. 




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