Weekly Press Columns Digest

Weekly Press Columns Digest

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - In a highly critical view about the protracted peace talks in Juba, wrote outspoken columnist Ms. Asma Juma’a in the daily Altayyar, Friday: The armed groups have let the people of Sudan down and spoiled  their delight over the success of the December revolution that,  after its triumph over the defunct regime stumbled into many blocks that could have been overcome if the armed movements had joined the change.

After the downfall of Bashir, all the people of Sudan had expected the armed movements to play, with the others, an effective role at the helms of political action. But time has revealed that those movements had not come of age yet to seize the opportunity that came to them on a golden plate and preferred to negotiate, negotiations that have delayed the wheel of change and the revolution.

At the outset of the talks, those movements told us they would sign a peace deal in a number of days and that they were about to do so. And in the end they plagued us with a number of disappointing statements in which they threaten to return to bloc one, fighting, which is neither in their interest nor the interest of the Sudan. That is because the longer they delay the peace, the more opportunity they will give to other forces to grow stronger and mature politically and, so, narrow the playground for these movements.

And now the army has ascended the negotiation platforms and other persons are moving forward to occupy positions in the uncertain political future.

Now the question: What is the solution that satisfies those movements under a government suffering from countless inherited crises from useless sick political entities, from a deep state and from a counterrevolution?

Further and above, we have a people psychologically and socially upset. The armed movements should be more wary about this situation. But what we see is that they look as if they do not feel this and do not have a desire to cooperate.

The armed movements have to revise their positions and what we see is that their long stay under arms, had affected their political thinking and by this delay they are committing a grave political crime by delaying the change.

This revolution was led by young men and women who were born during when those movements were fighting and they have now matured and qualified to shoulder the country’s political responsibility all by themselves. The movements should come to their senses before it is too late, especially when we notice that the Darfur rebel groups have become a semblance of special interest groups.


Columnists Hassan Warraq and Sabah Mohamed al-Hassan discussed on Aljareedah daily newspaper of Sunday activities and conspiracies by supporters by the former regime in attempts to overthrow the transitional government and reinstate the Islamist one of former Omar al-Beshir.

The incidents and conspiracies by the remnants of the extinct regime and other opponents of the transitional government of December Revolution, utilizing the peacefulness, nonviolence and disinclination for avenging the injustice and corruption of three decades, cannot bring the Ingas regime to back to power, something that is inconsistent with history, said Warraq.

 Those elements are gloating over the crises and the present high prices and scarcity of the basic commodities, believing that this situation would put an end to the revolution and its transitional government which enjoyed an overwhelming, unprecedented popular support, the columnist said.

He added the masses of the people have pledged that they will continue supporting the transitional government despite the crises and conspiracies, even if all commodities have disappeared, vowing that they would not tolerate the establishment of any other dictatorial regime.

Those remnants should ask themselves about the reason for their opposition to the transitional authority whereas their former regime failed to remain in power although it imposed iron-fist and oppression policies for 30 years.

Columnist Sabah quoted one Kouz (Islamist) asking another Kouz why the government of Hamdouk did not fall down despite the obstacles and handicaps they (the Islamists) placed before it.

She quoted the other Kouz as explaining that the transitional government had come to power as a result of a popular revolution and that they (the Islamists) also have to take to the street and chant "false" slogans similar to those of the December demonstrators.

Sabah said the first Kouz eventually sought support by beneficiaries of the former regime but the conspiracies and the demonstrations against the transitional government were a failure because, according to the columnist, the slogans they shouted were counterfeit.

The supporters of the defunct regime were trained on staging demonstrations and shouting fake slogans, compared to the authentic and genuine ones made by the December revolutionaries, noted Sabah.


Writing in Alwatan daily newspaper of Wednesday, Ashraf Ibrahim has stated that the full 24-hour curfew, although inevitable, has a lethal effect on numerous people who depend on day-to-day work for their daily living.

The government had no choice other than the day-and-night three-week curfew and shutdown of the three cities of the Sudanese capital after the Corona virus was declared on Monday as reaching the stage community spread-out, recording 10 cases and a total of 32 affirmed cases, including a death toll of five persons, said Ibrahim.

 As no drug or vaccine has yet been found, there was no alternative other than the community isolation to which other countries have resorted but those countries possess the resources, the Sudan is missing, to deal with such a situation, the columnist said.

The people who depend on the day-t-day earning for living will be forced to break the curfew in search of food so as to escape dying of hunger as there is no difference between dying of Corona virus disease and hunger, Ibrahim added.

He called for communal committees assigned to look into the situation of those people in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Security, the Zakat (Islamic Tax) Chamber, other government institutions, philanthropists and businessmen for supporting the poor families that depend on their parents to go out every day for work to earn something for the daily livelihood.




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