Algurashi Park's Lions Saver Establishes Wildlife Rescue Center

Algurashi Park's Lions Saver Establishes Wildlife Rescue Center

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Do You Remember the group of lions found starving in the Algurashi Public Park last year? (

As the adage says calamities may bring about bounties: Yesterday, Saturday, the Minister of Animal Resources opened a center not only to look after lions, but a protectorate for all types of wildlife in which the endangered animal species can multiply.

The center was launched at the Albagair area in the Gezira State (20KM From Khartoum).

It was founded by Mr. Osman Salih, the same person who first saw the lions in that bad shape and called for help through the media.

His call had received a wide response from within Sudan and from abroad.
A lioness among the group had given birth to four cubs before year end after it was taken care of by volunteers

According to the Sudan News Agency, Osman says the idea of the center fermented after the starving lions were saved. "We have embarked on building the center nine months ago because we realized that the Alqurashi Park was not a suitable accommodation,” he said

He said the center was built on a ten-acre farming area of his own family with help from charitable persons and friends.

The beasts were collected from three zoos. Concentration was made on carnivorous animals, because of the high cost of meat that may not be affordable at the zoos where the beasts were kept. The center now houses 13 lions, 5 lion cubs, 4 hyenas, 4 types of pythons, 3 types of rare tortoises, in addition to rare birds and eagles,

The center is equipped with a veterinary unit and a family recreation section which is open for visitors three days a week.

The center is about to build a fish pool and a fish breeding center. It will allow for the training of students from the secondary schools and universities.

Animal Resources Minister, Dr. Farah Idris said at the center inauguration, graced by the Ambassador of the Netherlands and other notables, that there were intersections between the Ministry and other bodies they were seeking to remove with help from the wildlife societies and also to create partnerships with countries and voluntary organizations to redress shortages in basic requirements. Agreements are sought with neighboring countries for the protection of wildlife and the exchange of beasts, in particular the big ones like elephants, ostriches and giraffes, he said.


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