Sudan Mourns Kidney Transplant Surgeon Kamal Abusin

Sudan Mourns Kidney Transplant Surgeon Kamal Abusin

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudan is in mourning over the departure of medical genus, Kidney Consultant General and Transplant Surgeon, Prof. Kamal Abusin, who died Monday night in the Chadian Capital, Ndjamena of heart attack. 

The late Dr. Absuin is attributed to have indigenized kidney transplant operations in Sudan after these complicated surgeries used to be sought outside the country .

Dr. Abusin, who used to live and work in Britain, had reportedly arrived in Ndjamena four months ago on contract with the Royal International Hospital to perform kidney transplant surgeries.

Prof. Abusin conducted the first kidney transplant operation at the Ahmed Gasim Hospital in Khartoum Bahri here in 2002.

Next year he conducted 60 kidney transplants in Wad Medani, Central Sudan, in what was  considered an initiative to indigenize kidney transplants in Sudan.

Then he went on to conduct many more kidney transplants in Sudan  when his annual visits to his home country and the operations he had conducted gave Sudanese a lot of hope, in particular the poor citizens.
The late Prof. Abusin had made a lot of effort in kidney transplants,  training a lot of doctors’ and assistant medical cadres, with help from an integrated medical team from Britain he used to bring with him to Sudan.

He had also steered medial convoys to all the regions of Sudan, launching the Kamal Abusin Charity to do this great job.

He had also conducted kidney transplants in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.
Dr. Abusin had graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, in 1981. Then he delved into continuous training and action in  kidney surgeries in Britain since 1992, until he was awarded the degree of kidney transplant consultant in 1999.
He is fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, beside  fellowships from surgery colleges in London, Scotland and France.

May God rest him in eternal peace as much as he had served humanity .


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