Weekly Press Columns Digest

Weekly Press Columns Digest

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The call by some leaders of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) to reconcile the Islamists, the strange deployment of a multitude of armed troops from a Darfuri rebel movement in a Khartoum national park and the looting of properties and the destruction of government utilities by lawless demonstrators have attracted some press commentaries during the previous week.

Writing in the Aldimograti (the Democrat), writer Dr. Haidar Ibrahim Ali was critical of the call by some figures in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), that recently made peace with the government, to reconcile the Islamists of Omar Albashir’s ousted regime. He wrote:

It is ironical and surreal that leading figures in the Revolutionary Front are touting reconciliation with the Islamists, contrary to the connotations of the word “Revolutionary” used to describe their Front. That is the first contradiction: For where is this revolution when the revolutionists reconcile a regime that remained in office for thirty years, exercising all sorts of despotism and ethnic cleansing against the citizens of those leaders’ areas?

Then, why did those leaders raise arms? Why did they fight? Don’t they hear the voices of their areas’ martyrs whose souls call for justice?

The issue is not for mere revenge or the cancelation of the Islamists from the political map as the now-finance minister Jibreel Ibrahim says. It  is a call for justice by a revolutionary people that wants to write a clean and fair history for the coming generations and to give lessons that could deter another adventurous fascist from a repeat of what happened on 30 June, 1989.

Another question: How can we call these claims national reconciliation, while those we are wanted to reconcile do not believe in this nation nor in nationalism?  Tunisian Islamist leader Rashid Alghannoushi and Saudi terror leader Usama Bin Laden were closest to these people than Sudanese leaders Ali Mahmood Hasanain and Farouk Abu Eisa. Evidence of this is that Alghannoushi had carried the Sudanese nationality and passport, a right denied some honorable Sudanese who were rendered homeless around the Globe.

Further, the youths of the country were denied jobs and were deprived from the bounties of their country which were readily given to the members of terrorist groups.

The word ‘reconciliation’ is an implication of equality between the victim and the hangman, where before any reconciliation should take place, the aggressor or the criminal should repent for what he had done and should apologize for his crimes, pleading not to repeat them.

In our case, the Muslim Brotherhood is still rudely and arrogantly treating the other. The Muslim brothers still dream of ruling the country through their so-called Islamic project which was put on hold by the people.

Minnawi and Jibreel are seeking a return of the remnants of the defunct regime via a secret, illegal marriage. These two leaders are physically in the ranks of the revolutionaries within the government, while their hearts are with the deposed regime. A proof of this is that Jibreel’s first visit upon his return to Khartoum was to the house of the late Islamist leader Hassan Alturabi.

At the same time Jibreel is thinking in a harmful geographical manner when he justified his insistence to become finance minister in that he wants to implement the terms in Juba peace pacts that call for spending on the war-affected areas.

Now the question: Didn’t the signatories of the peace pacts find a trustworthy person who spends on Darfur in the same way as he spends on the Northern State, for instance?

I am not criticizing these leaders because they are from Darfur. I am doing this because of their hidden leaning towards the Muslim Brotherhood which are divulged by their zealous statements when they address their followers.

We hope the Sudanese Revolutionary Front could contribute to the formulation of a national Sudanese project that rejects racism and geography and that educates its youths on national unity where the finance minister is the servant of all the country, without any bias or discrimination.

About the situation when 1ooo men under arms from the Sudan Liberation Movement of Darfuri rebel leader Minni Minnawi sought to camp in a fairly unsuitable place in central Khartoum, the International Garden, wrote Dr. Zuhair Alsarraj in Aljareedah daily, warning that this could be a foul political plan by some ill-advised Western Sudanese groupings, lead by the  power- hungry leader of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemaidti), the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, to occupy Khartoum, seize power and rule Sudan:

Yesterday a contingent of 1000 fierce fighters from the Sudan Liberation Army of Minni Minawi, lead by General Juma’a Haggar, arrived in Khartoum. Part of this force has occupied the International Garden in the heart of Khartoum under the pretext that their deployment was in anticipation of the implementation of the security arrangements stipulated in the Juba, South Sudan, Peace Accord the Government had earlier inked with rebel groups from Darfur and the Blue Nile districts. Nobody can tell what security arrangements are to be implemented in Khartoum as we were told by the Movement’s Spokesman Mohammad Hassan Obama!

According to a United Nations document (report of experts concerned with Sudan to the UN  Security Council, dated 14 January 2020), it was stated in paragraph five under the title (Dynamics of the Struggle in Darfur) that:

As from what was mentioned by rebel leaders, General Hemaidti had met them as part of the peace talks in Juba and other places. He (Hemaidti) and other negotiators from the Government side, had tried to persuade leaders of the Darfuri armed groups and other Darfuri leaders to side with them through the use of speeches concentrating on the interests of Darfur.

In those speeches all the citizens of Darfur (Arabs and non-Arabs), Hemaidti and the rebels were urged to unite to seize power in Khartoum from  the Jallaba (traders) elite of Northern Sudan who have dominated Sudan since independence, in order to end decades of marginalization in Darfur!

The experts sum up in that “we consider that political mobilization along the divide between Darfur citizens and the Northern elite can engender circumstances that disturb the country’s stability during the transitional period, Darfur included!

That what was said in the technical experts’ report to the  chairman of the UN Security Council.

It contains information highly dangerous. But, unfortunately we do not read. And when we read we don’t understand and don’t care.

Now the implementation of the conspiracy has begun with the arrival of Minnawi’s forces.

Other forces will arrive tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow other forces will also arrive..etc.. not for implementing the security arrangements as we are told, but to lay the ground-work for seizing power in Khartoum from “the jallaba elite.”

All of this goes on, while Khartoum is submerged in argumentations, politicking and the exchange of  jokes and buffoonery on the social media.

About the looting of properties and the destruction of government utilities in the recent riots in some parts of the country, wrote Dr. Alnoor Hamad in the newspaper Altayyar (The Current):

The elapsing year of the transitional government saw a series of disturbances. We have seen ethnic confrontations in Port Sudan, followed by rioting in Kasala over the appointment of a new governor. Security was aggravated in different towns, including Khartoum. We have reached a stage when national highways are blocked by protesters. Then came the Aljenaina tragedy. Then lootings, destructions and burnings occurred under the pretext of the high cost of living and the scarcity of consumer goods. It seems the counterrevolution has felt that they have brought the country to the point of no return, and so they moved to the stage of looting, burning and pillaging where a military coup becomes inevitable.

But that is a miscalculation, a shortsightedness. It did not take the prevailing general temperament nor the international and regional situation into consideration.

The revolutionaries of Sudan had stayed in the streets for four difficult months facing the bullets of the security’s snipers with bare chests.

And, despite all that, they never opted for violence and kept the peaceful nature of their movement until victory; to the amazement of the entire world.
The looting, burning and pillaging that occurred recently has nothing to do with the revolution nor it is part of its style.

This is a mean action that rests at the doorstep of the remnants of the defunct regime.

This is their morality. We have seen how they have fomented the burning down of a gas station during the September 2013 uprising as a pretext to raze the protesters by gunfire.

Through this destruction, the remnants of the defunct regime had wanted to say that poverty, hunger and destitution have forced the people to commit these wanton deeds.

But we have noticed in the circulating video footages that all who have committed those ugly actions were school children of both sexes and school dropouts their age. Children that age are liable to persuasion. The Islamists, as they always are, do not care. They have destroyed the morals of the nation and its values. They have spoiled the upbringing of youngsters. The sole aim of these charlatans is to return to their garden of sinful breadwinning they were used to.



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