Selected Poem: Rhapsody On Arrival In The Mountain City

Selected Poem: Rhapsody On Arrival In The Mountain City

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Mohamed Najeeb Mohamed Ali is one of the Sudanese important contemporary poets. He is well known of his patriotic poetry, love songs and songs for peace.

He had published six poetry collections; some of his verse translated into English and German.

Ali was born in the locality of Argo, the Northern State, in 1953.

He had graduated from the Philosophical Studies Section, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University- Khartoum Branch in 1979.

Following is an example of his poems translated from Arabic by Mr. Alsir Khidir:


Rhapsody on Arrival in the Mountain City

To you I will reveal this:
My child-knife penetrates the clay pain,
Absorbs the tourist’s language
How I have sought protection from uncertainty and clarity.
My adoration is no longer a sea or a flower,
My mother land is no longer a tree.
He who suspects my waking
I ignore him
Believing strongly in the letters
The glowing flame over corn, in the spear,
The mountain, banner and the shadow,
He who raises his eyes
In the face of a paralyzed passion.
Who would hide flowers and their names from you?
Who would be the guard and the fire?
The lightening curled on itself
In the inclination of grass,
Broke open the virginity of silence and vanished
I long for the rendezvous
In my dreams in courtyards of love
My star is blessed with this togetherness
With promises of a winter harvest.
The sand edge quivered
In the body of the water
The flower has more than one name
Ascending through the growing chambers of the heart.
O blood-stained lyre of night,
He that plays
Is seized if.




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