Scenes From Gaza

Scenes From Gaza

GAZA (Sudanow) - At last, the sounds of explosions have stopped, clouds of smoke, tongues of flames, incendiary and illuminating bombs are invisible in Gaza sky-line in the wake of a truce that seems as the calm before the hurricane or Trojan horse. 

When the residential towers were destroyed in besieged Gaza, we felt sadness and anger for thousands of families left homeless, wounded and bereaved. Gaza was bombarded day and night on land, from the sea but that epic city resisted with dignity and determination to confront the artillery bombing.  

Tel Aviv looked for a cause to celebrate victory. The world knew what happened. Different out-lets of mass-media presented shocking images for the massacre of children and demolishing of houses and buildings whose owners left their complaint on the table of ICC in the Hague. Speaking in Hebrew, the prime minister of Israel proclaimed that the war on Gaza strip and the western bank achieved its goal which he boastfully described as the destruction of Metro-Hamas, the secret tunnels to which the Palestinian resistance resorted to respond to the aggression to ruin the infrastructure.

On the other hand, Aljazeera T.V cited in its news bulletin on 23rd of May that an Israeli pilot confessed that they destroyed premises of residents to vent their frustration emanating from failing to stop the launch of rockets released from Gaza. The declaration of fiasco involved their inability to assassinate some of HAMAS Leaders like Ismael Haniya, Yahya Al-Sinwar and Mohamed Al Dayf.

While the Palestinian victims were lost among the debris and the ambulance vehicles were delayed by hurdles on the roads, the Israeli casualties were immediately air-lifted to the nearest hospital without harassment. The fires constituted a challenge to the civil defense to both belligerent sides but the conflagration was bigger and fatal for the Palestinian party that was exposed to the danger arising from the unrelenting and intensive shelling.

We shall never forget the female member of congress of Palestinian origins Rashida Talib wiping her tears, dressed in the beautiful Palestinian scarf symbolic of resistance and how the U.S president Joe Biden reassured her he would pray for her grandmother to stay well in the western bank. She wasn't only for a prayer from a man sitting in the oval office but also for a decision from the American administration to end the war.

Through the camera lens, we saw the surgical theatre of hospitals crowded with Palestinian survivors from the injured; for example a young girl who regained consciousness after a long coma calling for her mother. Her father was promising the lovely eyes that he would return to take her to the kindergarten. Her innocent looks asked" Where is my mum? And her father's voice choked with tears was unable to answer that she was killed in an air raid and that she lived to tell the tale. An elder Palestinian citizen said "They were all killed" pointing to a procession funereal that carried 8 children. He added "sweet children like flowers we used to see them every day as they raise pigeons and ducks".  

I hope there will be respect for the right of others to live in peace, free and stop the sale of weapons to prevent injustice and oppression.




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