Dying Lioness Saved In January Now Delivers Four Cubs

Dying Lioness Saved In January Now Delivers Four Cubs

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Animals rights watchers were gratified to hear Tuesday that a lioness among a group of other canines which were about to die of hunger in January, is now very fine and has given birth to four cubs in her new home in the Dindir Game Reserve.

The condition of the neglected lions at the Alghorashi Park here had turned into a public opinion issue when the animals were found to be dying of hunger, because the company that ran the park did not feed them for a long time.

Photo and video images of the lions had shown a group of nearly skeletal animal unable to stand up and their bones about to come out of their skins.

The scene had caused a public outcry both inside and outside Sudan, a matter that made the Four Paws International to rush to the scene with medical care and food until when the animals became able to move.

Later a lioness was moved into the custody of Dindir Game Reserve in the extreme South-East of the country. There it was put in a cage with a lion under the supervision of the game officers.

The Dindir Game Reserve is an important tourist attraction in Sudan. The Reserve extends on a vast area of natural forests and swamps and teams with wildlife of sorts (https://sudanow-magazine.net/page.php?subId=26&Id=120).



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