Advertisement: LEOLEX Intellectual Property is Reshaping the IP World

Advertisement: LEOLEX Intellectual Property is Reshaping the IP World

LEOLEX Intellectual Property is one of the leading and influential organizations providing intellectual property insight and strategic insight to its clients. The launch of LEOLEX IP was as a result of the changing business environment and the region becoming a knowledge-based economy, hence intellectual property (IP) assets will play an increasing role for business owners to protect their IP in the ever growing competitive market.

There has been a significant shift in the global economy from hard, tangible assets to intangible assets. In the mid 1970’s only 17% of the value of S&P 500 was intangibles and currently over 85% of the value of the S&P 500 are Intangibles. This is due to shift of the new economy from the industrial age to the age of information, and IP is not only a catalyst of our global economy but also a reactant of things changing.

LEOLEX IP is working closely with their clients to maximize their shareholders value and unlock their hidden assets and most importantly to link their IP assets to the company’s business strategy”, said Firas Hurieh, Group Managing Director for LEOLEX IP.

“Our team is experienced in drafting, examining and filing all kinds of patent applications covering biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other fields of inventions and immensely experienced in dealing with governmental trademark and patent office, we have the essential track record and team credentials to deliver unmatched insight and support to our clients and address their IP needs” said Mr.Mustafa Mohammed Al Neem, the General Manager of LEOLEX IP Sudan.

"The growth of LEOLEX IP will be based on providing continuous innovative business solutions and quality of service for our 700 served clients across our offices in the MENA Region" added Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Al Neem.

About LEOLEX Intellectual Property:

LEOLEX Intellectual Property provides a wide range of business innovative solutions such as IP-capitalization, IP-monetization, IP-Registration, IP-Audit, IP-Market share protection, IP-Watch service, Patent translation, IP litigation and infringement innovative solutions. Having a specialized team of IP-lawyers, litigators & patent examiners with more than 20 years of experience. LEOLEX IP Regional office is based out of Dubai, UAE.




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