Doctor Ali Fadl: Tortured To Death By Bashir’s Security Chief

Doctor Ali Fadl: Tortured To Death By Bashir’s Security Chief

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – Thirty years after he was killed by Bashir’s satanic government, the brutal crime still pinches on the conscience of Sudanese.
On Tuesday member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1989 military coup leaders council, General Ibrahim Nayil Eedam, confirmed that the then security chief, Dr.Nafi Ali Nafi, was involved in the killing of Dr. Fadl inside the regime jails, notoriously famed as the ghost houses.

The murder of Dr. Fadl had ushered in a series of brutal crimes that fill the records of the Muslim Brotherhoods’ government in Sudan, a record that contained the worst of treatments and violations of human rights and pride: assassinations, forced disappearances, severe beatings, electric shocking, rape, threats and obscene insults.   

Martyr Dr. Fadl had committed no crime to deserve that fate. He was just defending the right and pride of Sudanese when he, among others, led the medical doctors’ walk out in protest against Brotherhood’s military coup.

 He was arrested on 31 March 1990 and continued to be subjected to all sorts of torture that could not be committed other than by sick persons and dead souls until he died on 21 April, the same year.   

As a result of the wild beating, Dr. Fadl sustained a deep wound in the head, which was stitched on the scene, the jail where he was tortured.

 Many testimonies say Dr. Fadl’s torturers had hammered a nail in his skull that caused heavy cerebral bleeding. He was unable to move, and was often denied food and water. He was also prevented from washing his body or having a bath all through his detention. Regardless, Dr. Fadl’s torturers could not break his will or his resolve.
Martyr, Dr. Fadl, was then on 21 April evacuated to the Army’s Medical Corps Hospital. One medical doctor at the Hospital has described Dr. Fadl’s condition in that: “He did not look like a detainee brought for medical treatment. He was much like a tramp collected from the street. He was in a painful state.”   

Continues the witness, the medical doctor:  “Doctors belonging to the regime had forged a report saying he died naturally from malaria. And then they urged his family to bury him quickly, an advice the family refused to comply to, insisting upon an autopsy. As a result of this solid position, an autopsy was conducted by a forensic doctor who wrote that the death was because of sharp bleeding in the head as a result of concussion from a hit by a sharp, solid body.  

Dr. Ali Fadl was born in 1950 and grew up in the Aldaim neighborhood of Khartoum, an area with a rich legacy of patriotism over the ages, and which played a remarkable role in the December 2019 Revolution that brought down the regime of Omar Albashir.

General Eedam has given his testimony before the court in session now to try the perpetrators of the 1989 coup, led by ousted president Omar Albashir.

Dr. Nafi was then chief of the state security, the body that innovated what is now known as the ghost houses. It was called so because the torturers in those detention centers had used to wear hoods through which nothing can be seen other than their eyes.

Nafi’ then assumed a lot of senior government offices, the last of them the post of presidential assistant at the State House (the Republican Palace).   

Mr. Yasir Arman, a leading figure in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/North has written in a statement that: Impunity will not help establish a new political order. It is this impunity which is encouraging the leaders of the defunct regime to dream of returning to power once again. If the Attorney General had failed to present a coherent case to a court of law against the operatives of the regime, the chance has now come to him on a silver plate by the testimony of General Eedam against Nafi. The Attorney General can now point a direct accusation against Nafi and Omar Albashir in the killing of Dr. Fadl, who is no more than a medical doctor who looks after his patients.”

“Dr. Fadl is a trade unionist, son of a trade unionist, who always aligned with the People of Sudan,” concluded Mr. Arman.

The torturers of the regime have gone, and Dr. Fadl has remained as a symbol of steadfastness.




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