Activist Wadakar Killed By Sinful, Dubious Hands

Activist Wadakar Killed By Sinful, Dubious Hands

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) On Wednesday the revolution’s activists bade farewell to their fellow Mohammad Ismael, known widely by his nickname Wadakar,  after he was killed by the treacherous hands that used to kill youths active in the revolution, to silence their bids for realizing the revolution’s objectives and to maintain the situation as it was before the revolution.

Wadakar, in his early thirties and active in the Aljeraif East resistance committees, disappeared on 3 April after a silent sit-in regularly organized in front of the Martyrs’ Wall Drawings on the Nile Avenue to press for the punishment of those who killed protesters in the bloody attack on the sit-in near the Army Headquarters in June 2019.

Wadakar’s body was found a month later at the morgue of the Altamayuz Hospital in Southern Khartoum in which about 200 bodies of unknowns were found to have decomposed due to electric power cut off. The obnoxious smell from the decomposed bodies had prompted the morgue neighbors to stage a sit- in near the morgue. Then the revolutionists joined them demanding to know whether the corpses are bodies of those killed in the sit-in.

The Aljeraif East resistance committees have held the government and its legal bodies responsible for the young man’s killing. They said these authorities had used to purposefully delay a DNA test for the victim in the morgue. The police argued in a statement the corpse was decomposed, causing the DNA test to take longer than in the case of intact corpses.

Wadakar’s disappearance and his torture to death brings to memory the martyrdom of young man Baha Edeen Hanafi last year. Hanafi was detained and tortured to death at a detention center of the Rapid Support Forces.

The killing and torture of the activists knows no stop. After the disappearance and killing of Wadakar, gunfire of the Army has killed two young men and wounded several others at a gathering held to commemorate lives lost in the 2019 sit-in massacre around the Army H.Q.

The activists time and again reaffirm that killing will not stop them from completing the aims of the revolution, and doing justice to the martyrs, chanting: Either We Restore Their (martyrs) Right or Die as They Did.

 A joint statement by the Aljeraif Resistance Committees and the committee organizing the sit-in near the Altamayuz Hospital Morgue said: The atrocities of the criminal lot still continue, their treachery knows no stop and every time we want to heal a wound, another wound is made. Let our wounds keep reminding us and let our pains continue, lest our feeling dies. These killers should learn that whenever they kill one of our comrades, a thousand others will spring up to them. This is a land of virgin heroisms, a land of martyrs. This land keeps its promises and never betrays.


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