CAF Trains 3660 Sudanese Coaches

CAF Trains 3660 Sudanese Coaches

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Late last week the Confederation of African Football (CAF) wound up a training course for 89 Sudanese football coaches seeking to obtain license (A). The trainees had spent 240 hours of field and theoretical training.
Run by a number of African experts, the course had targeted national team and club players currently training clubs in the country’s premier league and first division teams.
The training was conducted by Dr. Mufti Ibrahim from Egypt, African expert Hamdan Hamad  and Amin Zaki, Mohammad Abdallah (Mazda), Ahmad Babikir and Dr.Azhari Osman from Sudan.
The course was coordinated by Sudanese coach Ismael Atta al-Mannan who hailed the “excellent’ discipline of the trainees and their understanding of the course’s practical and theoretical objectives.

Expert Ahmed Babikir

Coaches in the Making:
African expert Hamdan Hamad said the aim of the course was the gradual build up of the new coaches through C, B, and A courses.
He said the course had furnished the coaches with a lot of knowledge about football and its different physical, tactical, physiological, psychological and mental aspects. In addition, the course had also informed the trainees about the requirements of practical field training the trainee is supposed to acquire.” Scientific acquisition of football know-how is a continuous process, because the coach continues to learn from the matches and, accordingly, keeps upgrading the standard of his players, day by day,” he told Sudanow in an interview.
“These courses are quite helpful in the classification of coaches,|” Coach Hamad further said.
He, however, said these courses should be accompanied with discussion workshops that consolidate the coaches’ characters and keeps them in continuous progress, both with respect to knowledge and physical readiness.
Hamad said he was happy to see that a number of young trainees had immense capabilities and do promise of good future.” I advise these trainees to focus their work on the pitches, because the pitch is the place for practical work and the place for true progress and I wish to see them as grown up coaches in the future,” he said.

Sara Edward

Exchange of Expertise:
Quite a big number of former national team players were seen very active in the course, including Haytham Tambal, Mohammad Musa, Amhmad al-Sayyid, Jundi Nimeiri, Abdelgayyoum Abushama, Khalid Bakheet and Eisa Abdelkareem.
Abdelkareem praised the course that “gave us priceless expertise,” expressing the hope that “what we had learned could be of great benefit for us in the field.”
Ahmad al-Sayyid said the course was very beneficial for them as coaches “and we are ready to translate the certificate we obtained into action that helps Sudanese football.”

Internationally the First:
Captain Mohammad Musa said license A is the first at the international level and its bearer is authorized to work in any country .”It is our hope that this course would have a positive impact on Sudanese football,” he said.

Women Take Part:
The only female participant in the course Sara Edward extolled the course “ that helped us with varied expertise and ideas, thanks to the diligence of the trainees and the vast scientific capabilities of the trainers.”


Trainer’s Philosophy:
Trainer Ahmad Babikir said the current course is complementary for trainers who completed phase one in October, adding that that course had trained the participants on warm up and its different types, attack tactics and plans, pressure on the foes, defense and attack depth and the integration of skills, application of the match principles and training on attack and defense plans.
Babikir further said the course had trained the participants on team supervision, the drafting of technical, financial and administrative programs for teams and for players of young teams. The course also included match analysis, error correction, specifying the team requirements and presentation and discussion of research. “The coach has to show his philosophy and vision. He should also learn how to address the press and should know about the changing rules of the game,” he said.
Babikir has also reveled that some 3660 Sudanese coaches now hold CAF licenses, including 600 who now hold license A that allows its holder to train anywhere in the World.
Now the question: Could the successive CAF courses help improve the standard of Sudanese football? The answer to this will show itself in the coming few years, now that the CAF had time and again used to praise Sudan’s organization of its courses.






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