Talih (acacia seyal)

Talih  (acacia seyal)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Talih trees are spread all over Sudan. The smoke of its wood is used as a cosmetic substance by the Sudanese woman as a sauna to make the skin smooth, brownish with an aromatic scent.

It is particularly used by women after giving birth because it helps in healing wounds resulted from natural birth giving, tightening the skin and muscles including the vagina and removing unwanted odours.

Customs officers notice that the suitcases of the families of the Sudanese working abroad often contain Talih wood for women to have sauna with it, inciting false reports of fire in houses of the Sudanese in countries ignorant of this Sudanese sauna. The Talih wood smoke is also used for curing rheumatism.

The Talih tree is one of two tree species that bears gum Arabic of which the Sudan is regarded the world's main exporter. It is exported as crude or power and is used for medical purposes and in beverages and sweets and is soaked by ordinary people for treating kidney inflammation.

Talih charcoal is the best of its kind according to the Sudanese Forests Corporation.

The tree is 8-meter high with a flat top, straight white thorns, each up to 6 centimeters long on aging branches while the new branches bear small, bent thorns. The leaves are alternate, feather-like, numbering between 16 to 50 leaves, each 2-cm long. The flowers are yellow in colour.




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