Theatre Researcher Wins A'aydabi Award

Theatre Researcher Wins A'aydabi Award

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Theatre researcher Abdelgadir Isma'el Ahmad has won the first Yousif Aydabi Award for Theatrical Research for his research "Resistance Theatre In Sudan (1919-1946)."
Award Council of Trustees Member Alsir al-Sayyid  said the researcher had managed to highlight the relationship of the Sudanese theatre with the national resistance during the period he researched. According to al-Sayyid, Ahmad had also managed "through the tremendous information he cited about the intellectual, literary  and national movement at that period, to reaffirm that the Sudanese resistance was not a temporary phenomenon but an original action shouldered by the Sudanese theatre."
"The plays' Salahuddin al-Ayyubi',' the Prodigal Son' and 'Kharab Soba (Soba Destruction)', tackled by the researcher, had spotlighted the position of national resistance in all of these works," added al-Sayyid.
The Yousif Aydabi Award For Theatrical Research was  launched early this year by a group of  Sudanese dramatists based in the Sharja Emirate (U.A.E) in coordination and cooperation with the Sudanese National Theatre's Theatrical Experiments Forum as an annual theatrical program that selects, displays, analyzes, publishes and documents new studies and researches related to the Sudanese theatrical movement in conformity with strict scientific criteria.
The group of dramatists that founded this award had chosen to call it Dr.Aydabi Award for Theatrical Research, in recognition of Dr.Aydabi's contribution to the Sudanese theatre and poetry and his local and regional influence.
The Award, the first of its kind, seeks to redress the gap in the Sudanese theatrical research library.
Artist al- Rasheed Ahmad Eisa has maintained that the theatrical research movement had seen a lot of progress in recent years, in particular among the researchers of the graduate colleges of the Sudan and Khartoum universities.  "That is why the Award aspires to become a platform for those researchers, sharing with them their preoccupations and their questions and probing their ideas and aspirations," said Eisa.
The Award does not specify a particular topic or theme, though setting the precondition that the research should tackle an issue or a cause concerning the Sudanese theatrical movement, past and present .
The Award totals SDG 5000 to be given to the first winner.
Application for the contest begins on August 20, each year.




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