Romantic Lyric Writer

Romantic Lyric Writer


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudan Monday dawn paid farewell to one of its pioneering writer of romantic lyric Saifeddn al-Dosougi who died after a protracted disease, aged 82.

Sudan, and the City of Omdurman in particular, were shocked by the departure of Dosougi. Heavy crowds rushed to his funeral in a solemn procession lead by Omdurman Commissioner Majdi Abdelaziz and attended by a vast number of the country’s political, literary and artistic symbols, musicians and journalists.

On the way towards the al-Bakri Cemetery, the funeral procession was joined by all the dwellers of the Hai al-Arab neighborhood, the poet’s birthplace.     

Dosougi is seen as one of the pioneers of romantic poetry in the Sudan, composing a lot of poetry that reached far beyond the country’s borders.

Saifeddin Mustafa al-Desougi was born in the Hay al-Arab neighborhood of Omdurman in 1936, received his primary and intermediate schooling in Omdurman and then graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Khartoum Branch of the Cairo University, with a B.A in Arts (Arabic). Then he travelled to Egypt to study journalism, obtaining a diploma in this discipline. He then obtained a diploma in English from the Regent University, England.

Finishing radio and T.V training courses inside Sudan and abroad, Dosougi joined the Sudan Radio Station. He then became head cultural section of the National T.V. He also served as production director of the Saudi radio station in Riyadh. He was then seconded to the Wadi al-Neel Radio Station in Sudan as the station’s deputy manager. He also served as deputy secretary of the National Information and Artistic Production Corporation, Sudan.

The late poet had participated in the Baghdad Merbid Poetry Festival and was known for his wide participation in literary events and for his poetic and theatrical writings.

Dosougi’s most outstanding poetry collections include Hurouph Min Dami (letters from My Blood), Alharf Alakhdar (The Green Letter), Zaman Alafrah Alwardiyya (Time of the Rosy Celebrations) and others.

He wrote a lot of poems in the Sudanese vernacular and in classical Arabic, with outstanding melodists, including Sayyed Khalifa and Ahmad al-Jabry and others performing his songs.

The late Sudanese renowned poet Mubarak al-Maghrabi had written about Dosougi’s literary works that:” His works are a lively movement, full of vigor, written with the poet’s blood before his pen in a genuine feeling coming right from the heart and from a rich inspiration, bringing an active image that speaks of the nobility of his soul and the tenderness of his spirit.




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