British Ambassador Michael Aron Bids Farewell From Inside A Classroom

British Ambassador Michael Aron Bids Farewell From Inside A Classroom


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - British Ambassador Michael Aron has bid the Sudan farewell from inside a classroom at a school in the eastern part of Khartoum, the capital.

While preparing to leave the country at the expiry of his mandate in Khartoum, Mr. Aron was keen to teach an English lesson at one of the city’s  primary school, the Usama Ibn Zaid Primary School.

Pictures of Mr. Aron handling an English class, chalk in hand, went viral on the social media in the last few days.

Mr. Aron is no stranger to teaching in the Sudan. As a fresh university graduate in the 1980s, Mr. Aron taught English in the country as part of the British Government’s volunteer service program for overseas nations.

Mr. Aron’s intimacy with Sudan, had prompted him to revisit and see to the rehabilitation of the Secondary School of Addamar Town in the Northern Nahr el-Neel State, where he once taught.

Throughout his thirty-months service in Sudan, Ambassador Aron had been at large in the country, visiting many areas and talking to the people and government officials.

In a farewell message on his Twitter account, Mr. Aron said he had done his best to meet as many Sudanese in his tours of the country that took him to 14 states of the country’s 18 states.

He was keen to visit many Sudanese families, sharing with them their happy as well as their sad occasions. He was keen to take local Sudanese meals to confirm his fancy for the country.

Another photo of him clad in the traditional Sudanese attire of a spacious garment, white turban and locally made light leather shoes (markoob) and cane in hand, was also widely exchanged among Sudanese.

He wrote on his Facebook and Twitter accounts that he has already started to miss the Sudan and was deeply moved by the reactions and tender words Sudanese sent him when they learned he was leaving.

He said his best memories as he leaves the Sudan were the wedding parties, football matches and the ethnic Nuba wrestling contests he had attended in Sudan.

Mr. Aron will next serve his country as Her Majesty’s Ambassador in Yemen.




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