The Martyrs

The Martyrs

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Thousands of Sudanese Muslims devoted last Friday a prayer for those who martyred during the four month- revolution that ended up with President Omar Bashir ouster

The renowned prayer leader, Sheikh Mahran Mahir, led the worshipers at the open area overlooking the Armed Forces’ General Command head office in Khartoum, the spot where the revolutionists have been camping in observance of a sit-in that began on April 6th. 

At least 80 youngsters were shot dead since September 2018 during the country-wide demonstrations, that demanded Bashir to go away and his regime dismantled. 

The majority of the martyrs were young men including 12 year old child.                                                                                                              

Because the martyrs paid the most precious thing they possess, which is life, the protesters used to revive their memories with different performances such as devoting a day of processions for their memories, calling for redress in the demonstrations, visiting and offering their condolences to the bereaved families. 

Sheikh Mahir argued in his Friday sermon that those who had been killed during the protests were martyrs and that whoever denies them this status is ignorant of the Islamic jurisdictions. He led the worshipers in the special Muslim prayer for those who martyred. The same location witnessed two special Muslim prayers, a unique event.    

Mahir called for observance of justice and fighting corruption. "People should not mistake Islam for the governors who cloaked Islamic slogans while their deeds go contrary to what they claim” he said, alluding to the deposed president Bashir’s regime. 

He stressed the need to bring to justice anyone who committed crimes regardless of their post as in Islamic religion there is no impunity for a president or minister.



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