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Conference on Terrorism and Extremism in Africa Kicks off in Khartoum

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) - An International Conference on Terrorism and Sectarian Fundamentalism, organized by the Sudanese Ministry of Guidance and Endowment in collaboration with the Muslim World League, started in Khartoum on Wednesday.
The two-day conference which will discuss how to counter terrorism and extremism in Africa was addressed by President Omer Bashir, who stressed that the enemies of Islam have not stopped trying to link Islam with terrorism with the aim of depicting it as a violent and merciless faith. They also tried to portray Islam as religion of chaos, recklessness and suppression. He said the principals of Islam refute such allegations because this is a religion that calls for equality of people and equity, and that it is a color blind towards race, origin, or social status.
He said the African continent has a vast natural resources and strategic position therefore some quarters try to steal away its wealth as they did before “ but we want the continent to live in peace and stability that would enable it utilize these riches for the welfare of its people” Bashir added.

He urged the conferees to come up with resolutions that would lead to practical solutions for the continent to avoid such dangers and encourage co-existence and tolerance among its peoples.

Addressing the opening session of the conference, Dr. Issam Ahmed al-Bashir, Chairman of the Islamic Jurisdiction Academy, said the world, represented in its international organizations, has failed to agree on specific meaning for terrorism “ and it is an intended position” he added.

He denounced double standards in attributing the deeds of some Muslims to Islam itself seeking to distort its image. He said there are religious factors behind terrorism, emanating from misunderstanding of some concepts, as well as political, economic, social and cultural factors.
Dr. Abdul Muhssinal-Traiki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, said extremism has been invading thoughts of some youth groups who are also being exploited by some fundamentalists seeking to destabilize national security and exposing the Muslim nations to chaos.

There are also extremist groups who opposed their Muslim governors and became dissidents led by semi-educated leaders, al-Traiki said, explaining that these groups are not paying heed to the fatal consequences of their irrational deeds of destabilizing security of the world nations, blood shedding, weakening of economies, enabling foreign interference and distortion of Islam image in the media.

He called for a joint Muslim action that would coordinate all efforts to counter these deeds.
The Sudanese Minister of Guidance and Endowment, Dr. Ammar Mirghani, also attributed the religious extremism to ignorance of the real meaning and purposes of Quranic verses and Prophet Mohamed’s sunna.




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